Interested in being a member of DNA Racing?  

DNA Racing is a cycling family made up of a diverse group of bike riders primarily located within the Oklahoma City metro area. A DNA family member can and does consist of casual riders, gravel grinders, bikepackers, mountain bikers, cyclocrossers, all categories of USAC racers, and even non riders who are committed to the growth of the cycling community.

DNA Racing Mission - To inspire a healthy lifestyle and grow the local cycling community through advocacy, awareness, volunteer efforts, event promotion and racing. 

DNA family members will:

 -  be fully committed to the mission of DNA Racing.
 -  fulfill minimum kit requirement each new year. 
 -  be expected to behave with dignity and class. A respectful/approachable rider is much more meaningful than a fast rider.
 -  contribute to the cycling community in partnership with DNA Racing (mentoring, race promotion, volunteering, helping those in need, etc).

DNA members will be representatives of the cycling community, and leaders within the community. They will be the rider who sits in the back of a group ride and helps/pushes/ coaches a struggling rider. Disrespectful/condescending behavior to other racers or riders (especially new members to the cycling community) will not be tolerated. 

We evaluate applications a few times a year based upon team needs and availability.  Being in the DNA family is not a free ride on any typical club team.  It's an opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself, and to make a difference in your local cycling community.  If you feel up to the challenge, tell us below why you'd like to be the next family member.

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