Every fall when the temps cool off a bit, we tune up the bikes and head out for a day of bike riding that takes us to 3 breweries in Oklahoma.  As the tradition grows, so too does the mileage, tall tales, and those interested in coming along for the trip.  We can never be sure how many miles it'll be - a lot, or how much gravel it will include - more than we ever want.  Or the weather.  In fact, the only thing we can fully be sure of is that anyone who finishes will be fully and totally wrecked - AND STOKED.  Interested in riding over 400 miles in one day with an average of 20+ mph?  The first thing you'll need to do is read the RULES below.  Then if you still have the stones, click on that BEERMUDA APPLICATION button and get yourself on the list to be considered for the #okbeermuda.   


The #okbeermuda embarks from Anthem Brewing in Oklahoma City and heads northeast to Marshall Brewing in Tulsa.  From there it rolls south to Choc Brewing in Krebs, and finishes back at Anthem Brewing to complete the official Oklahoma Beermuda Triangle.  This ride can range from 400 to 450 miles, and will be done at a pace of 20+ mph.  Riders possessing the strength, stubbornness, and stupidity to complete this ridiculous task will win no prizes, gain no fame, or attain enlightenment.  Guidelines are as follows:

Ride will commence sometime in the fall of 2018, date TBD
Entry is capped at 20 riders
All potential riders must submit application
20 person roster will be announced via email on September 6th
Entry fee will be $21.72, paid in exact cash on day of Beermuda
Each rider will bring a six-pack from their local brewery for post ride
Each rider will sign a waiver
Ride is supported by lead and follow cars
Group will ride at the pace of the group (20-27 mph)
Rider must bring mandatory items listed on rider checklist (lights/clothing/wheels/etc)
Rider drops back from group to follow car to obtain fuel (food/drink)
Group does not stop for mechanicals, riders will motor-pace back after a flat
Each rider will share pace making responsibilities throughout day
If a rider loses contact with group, follow car makes decision to end rider's day